Manufacturing A Better Way To Build

DIV005, LLC has combined over 200 years of industry-proven cold-formed steel experience through its subsidiary companies. We have in-depth knowledge in design, manufacturing, construction and project management. DIV005 uses innovative proprietary roll forming technology with BIM, advanced 3D Modeling software, in our state of the art, 60,000+ square foot manufacturing plant to eliminate on-site costly delays and fabrication errors.

Our mission is to address all your development challenges by facilitating faster design & engineering, to aid with expedited permitting, and reduce construction constraints, as a result, faster time to market and return on your investment.

DIV005 is your single-source cold-formed steel framing solution. We provide you a complete CFS system that is competitively priced specializing in the areas of multi-story hospitality, multifamily, educational housing, and senior care living facilities.

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