Advantages of Cold-Formed Steel

Standing Up To Tradition

why choose CFS

LEED PLatinum

Why CFS?

Reduce overall construction costs, decrease waste and discounts on builders risk insurance. Resistant to mold, termites, and corrosion, warping, splitting, or cracking. Fire resistant & Acoustic Insulation properties.

Seismic performance with details on energy absorption, strength and consistency, ease of inspection, and corrosion resistance. Green Building, recyclable, durable, requires less overall construction material, and is dimensionally stable. Allows for faster construction. BIM helps to reduce cost and meet schedules.


Our advanced steel systems are 100% recyclable, inorganic, non-combustible. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process yields less than 1% waste during production and 0% waste during onsite installation. This sophisticated approach enables stakeholders to predetermine all elements of the project before the construction process even starts. This leads to a more efficient building process, which drastically diminishes wasted materials, minimizes fuel consumption, and reduces the overall ecological footprint during construction.

Steel qualifies your project for Leed certification. It is an investment in the integrity and durability of the project and our environment.

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